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Hunters of Wayfinder Guild Portal
Welcome to HoW

We are a DDO guild (Dungeons & Dragons Online) based on the Wayfinder server. Our members are from all over the place so you can usually find someone on at most times of the day.

Here we can have a central spot to help us stay in contact and organise our time on DDO a bit better. Don't hesitate to make suggestions to Fin of Nuggett on how we can improve this guild hangout. If you would like to contribute just send Nugg a PM or email and we will upgrade your account so you can help us maintain this portal.

Our Home Server is Wayfinder (obviously), we like this server because of the smaller community, the friends that we have made and the respect that everyone has for each other. Most of the time you get invited to a party before you have even loaded the game.

Feel free to contact Fin, Nuggett, Kasatka or any or the officers, via in game mail or tell if you want some help, ship buffs, tips, advice.. we are all happy to help.

Cheers and thanks.
Fin / Nuggett
Guild News

Gtrats to Wolife

rrockers, Sep 20, 14 7:53 PM.
Wolfie has just been nominated as Head Guild Crafter after taking Fin over in his crafting levels. Im sure he will bee only too happy to make any shards you need that he can craft, just supply the components. 

Grats Dude
Cheers Nugg

Nice One - Guild Level 75

rrockers, Sep 14, 14 12:45 AM.

Nice one guys, congrats on Guild Level 75 and we are well and truly on our way to 100 so that we can get all the new guild buffs out on the ship.

Well done to everyone…cheers Nugg

New guild leader Kas

rrockers, Aug 29, 14 12:57 AM.
Fin is taking a break and announced Kas as our new guild leader, we are heading fast towards level 100 and a shiny new Airship.

They have attained Guild Level 60!

rrockers, Feb 27, 14 2:52 AM.
(Global Announcement): Congratulations to the guild known as Hunters of Wayfinder! They have attained Guild Level 60!

Well done to all


Finorst, Jan 6, 14 7:06 PM.
Level 55 and a shiny new boat. Thanks guldies for all the runs and all the renown. The ship now has more buffs and more room. 
Now the hard work. To get everyone who want to lvl 20 so we can run epic content together. If anyone needs a hand with this let me know and im more than happy to come run with you.


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